Marine grade quality:
  • Shiny chrome withstands harsh outdoor conditions (won’t tarnish or flake)
  • Attaches via strong adhesive foam tape (won’t fall off)
  • Color inserts are outdoor grade 3M material (won’t fade)

Complies with State Water Codes:
  • The 3” height and block letter style comply with all state water laws.
  • Optional color inserts can be used if contrast is needed on the boat hull.
Optional Color Inserts:
  • 8 color inserts are available and can be used to provide additional customization or to provide additional contrast on boat hull’s when needed
  • Made from 3M outdoor grate material which will not fade or discolor in harsh environments
  • The 8 available colors include red, white, yellow, green, royal blue, navy blue, black, and purple (All inserts have a reflective feature with the exception of black, navy, and purple)

Build Your Emblem:

  • Text:
  • Color:
Height: 3.2"
Average width: 2.2"
Chrome Letters/Numbers:
Optional Color Inserts:
$6.95 each
$2 each