Custom Emblem Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in creating a custom emblem?
Click on the “Custom Steps” link to the right for a detailed list of steps involved in the custom emblems process.
What are the custom emblems made of?
All custom emblems are comprised of an ABS plastic core with a triple chrome-plated METAL finish. This is the same process all auto manufacturers use. We guarantee the shiny chrome will last the lifetime of the vehicle! Elektroplate emblems will not fade or tarnish like cheap imitations.
How do they attach?
Our chrome nameplates are complete with an automotive grade adhesive foam tape. The tape is die-cut shaped to exactly fit the back of the emblem. Clean the vehicle application surface and then simply peel & stick.
Can you accommodate 3D contour on the top surface?
Yes, our advanced production capabilities allow for 3D curvature on the top surface. Browse through the emblem example images throughout the custom section of the website to see our design and production capabilities.
What is the difference between a standard flat top surface and a top surface with 3D curvature?
A standard chrome emblem has a flat top surface. However, emblems with the standard flat top surface still have tapered edges and recessed areas (just not rounded features). A top surface with 3D can have rounded contours and beveled edges that can sometime create a more sophisticated look. Having 3D contour on the top surface will not add much to the per unit cost, but will result in a higher one-time setup cost as the 3D molds are more intricate than the standard mold.
Can you accommodate gold plating?
Due to expensive material costs we no longer produce emblems with a gold-plated finish. In addition to being cost prohibitive, the gold-plating does not offer the same durability and resilience that the chrome-plated finish provides. Furthermore, not many new cars have the gold trim as once before.
When is a black recess color used?
Black recess color is used on certain logos to help bring out detail that would otherwise not be seen if the part were all chrome. Black is the most popular recess color as it tends to go with any vehicle paint color and is more neutral. However, a variety of other recess paint colors are available as well.
Can you accommodate multiple colors?
Yes, we can apply multiple colors to custom emblems. There needs to be raised chrome in-between the different colors (the different colors can’t be directly touching). Send us your logo and we can provide suggestions and let you know what exactly we can and cannot accommodate. Sometimes spray masks are needed to block certain sections of the emblem from being painted. These typically come with a small setup fee and will be referenced in your quote.
How long does production take?
The average chrome nameplate order takes 7-8 weeks to produce. Please keep in mind this is a very extensive production process. There are many steps involved included molding, chrome-plating, creating a steel die for the adhesive, polishing, and painting when applicable. Parts that are oversized or have extensive 3D contour or painting can sometimes take a few weeks longer. The estimated lead time will be provided in your quote.
What quality control measures are in place?
Quality is our highest priority. In order to maintain the highest level of quality control, we do not outsource any of our production overseas. There are measures in place at each key facet of production to ensure the highest level of quality in each job. All of Elektroplate’s custom emblems come with a 100% product quality guarantee. In addition, the shiny chrome is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.
Can custom emblems have separate pieces or do they have to be connected as one piece?
Emblems that are separate pieces, such as individual letters, can provide an unmatched look of elegance and sophistication. This is one of our production specialties in which we work with many car dealerships and manufacturers. The pieces come pre-arranged on a clear front mask (or transfer tape) for easy application. Having individual pieces is, however, slightly more expensive than if it was connected as one piece.
Art proofs / Production samples
Once we receive the signed Sales Order, we will provide official art proofs within 1-2 business days. The proofs will contain the exact emblem layout and dimensions. Any modifications to the design would be made at this time. Due to the extensive setup nature of the production process, no production samples are provided as everything is run at the same time. However, we can send a physical sample of a similar design for you to review the quality. In addition, we offer a 100% product quality guarantee, and also guarantee the final product will perfectly reflect the art proofs.
Is there a deposit required?
There is a 40% prepayment due after the art proofs are approved.
What is a 5% over/under-run allowance?
For quality control reasons, we produce more parts than are ordered in case there are some rejects that need to be discarded. For example, on a 500 pc order we are allowed to ship anywhere between 475 to 525 pc. This is the standard practice for most industries in which produce custom items and is purely for quality control purposes.
Can the emblems be adhered to non-automotive products?
The automotive grade adhesive foam tape on the back of the emblems can be adhered to any relatively smooth, non-porous, hard surface. We actually create custom emblem for many non-automotive products such as Speakers, TV’s, Signage, Snowboards, Machines, Cases, Guitars, Toolboxes, Printers, Monitors, Farm & Industrial Equipment, Grills, Ice Coolers, and many more.