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Product Nameplates

Product Nameplates


In addition to servicing the automotive industry, Elektroplate specializes in nameplates that are utilized on a huge assortment of non-automotive products. Whether you’re looking for a twenty-four-inch logo to adhere to a machine or a one-half inch logo to adhere to a computer monitor, we have the production capability to meet your needs in a cost-effective manner.

No matter what product or industry, Elektroplate nameplates provide the look and sophistication needed to generate a higher level of perceived value. Below is a list of product types for which we have created custom chrome nameplates:

  • Speakers / TVs / Monitors / Electronics
  • Signage of all Sizes
  • Outdoor equipment and products
  • Machines / Medical Equipment
  • Cases / Luggage / Toolboxes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Exterior and Interior Automotive Accessories
  • Farm & Industrial Equipment / Trailers / Golf Carts
  • Grills / Ice Coolers / Tool Boxes
  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry / Shelving and Storage Systems / Lockers
  • + Many More!

Custom MOLDED Design Styles & Decorating Options

(Injection Molded / Die Cast)

Custom SCREEN PRINTED Nameplates

(Vinyl / Mylar / Aluminum)

Elektroplate proudly provides nameplates to a large number of companies throughout North America. We understand the need for high quality craftsmanship, meeting specified lead times, and providing excellent customer service. Contact us today to start discussing your upcoming projects and to see how Elektroplate can help!

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