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Cycling Emblem on Black Hitch Cover



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Cycling Emblem on Black Metal Hitch Cover


Cycling ALL-METAL hitch cover (front plate is 5” x 3.5”) by Elektroplate. A step above in quality and appearance over cheaper plastic and pewter versions. Comprised of OEM (ABS plastic core with a chrome-plated metal finish) Cycle emblem adhered to a black all-metal hitch cover mount. Hitch cover fits standard 2” trailer hitch receivers (if it does not fit perfectly, you may return for a full refund).

All Elektroplate hitch covers and emblems are comprised of a heavy-duty metal finish made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This hitch cover will look brand new for years to come (as opposed to cheap imitations that will fade or chip within months of being on your vehicle).

Our high-end auto accessories are the perfect way to showcase your Cycling pride everywhere you drive. In addition, all Elektroplate hitch covers are packaged in elegant retail packaging to make a great gift! FREE shipping on all orders.

Cycling Chrome Emblem image

Cycling Chrome Emblem


Cycling Oval Chrome Emblem image

Cycling Oval Chrome Emblem


Cycling 100 Chrome Emblem image

Cycling 100 Chrome Emblem