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5 Unique Ideas for Custom License Plates


Custom license plates have been helping people rock their individual style on their automobiles since the 1960s. Though they're not as much of a novelty as they used to be, they're still one of the best ways to customize your automobile experience.

You may even be thinking about getting a custom license plate yourself — but what should you put on your plate?

While the idea of a custom license plate is very attractive, custom license plate ideas are harder to come by. This article will offer you a brief introduction to custom license plates and give you five ideas for license plate customization.

How To Get A Custom License Plate

Before you start thinking of any ideas about how to make your custom license plate shine, you're going to have to make sure you get it made right. Our site offers many services for custom license plates.

You can get a custom front license plate, custom back license plate, and even custom license plate frames — with all sorts of different colors to choose from.

How Much Is A Custom License Plate?

The cost of a custom license plate all depends on how elaborate it is. Generally, however, emblems cost between twenty and fifty dollars. Frames cost around twelve dollars, and custom letters go for approximately three to eight dollars a character.

Now that you know how to get a license plate let's check out some of the best license plate ideas.

Rock Out

If you consider yourself rebellious or are generally a fan of metal/rock and roll, check out our metalhead collection. We sell many emblems for you to put right above your new custom license plate.

While yes, an emblem isn't a custom license plate itself, it can be the perfect way to complete the look of your car. A license plate that features some song lyrics you like, or a name of a band you like, can pair well with a metal-esque emblem.

For example, if you're a fan of the metal band Death, consider buying our Skull Chrome Emblem, or Grimm Reaper Chrome Emblem, due to their proximity to images featured on various Death album covers. This will work well with custom vanity plate lettering that relates to the band Death.


On the other end of the spectrum, people who consider themselves more religious will also be satisfied by our products. We offer many cross and Jesus fish emblems and even Jesus fish license frames.

Once again, these aren't the custom plates themselves, but they're the perfect frame for a religious message. We even offer emblems and frames that relate to specific bible verses. Perhaps you can combine one of these frames featuring various bible verses with excerpts from the bible, quotes, or a general religious message.

Make A Joke

If people know you as a funny person, you can get a license plate made that acts more as a joke. Funny license plates like "I'm late," "I'm lost," and "I'm a car" can help lighten the mood of anyone who sees you while you're driving.

If you do well for yourself and drive a nicer car. This could also be an excellent way to come off as un-intimidating and lighten the mood. Many people believe that wealthy people are mean and rude; if you put a joke on the outside of your Ferrari, you're letting people know that just because you're rich doesn't mean you take yourself too seriously.

This can help you in businesses. If you're someone who drives a much nicer car, it'll put people at ease and make them more receptive to you. Even if you're car isn't remarkable, it's a great conversation starter for whoever you may meet.

This isn't just conjecture either; it's been proven that a sense of humor can help improve businesses! If you're ready to start taking yourself less seriously, consider buying a funny license plate today.

Show Your Patriotism

Back on the topic of emblems and rims, our fire/EMS/police section is perfect for any off-duty protector, the family of a protector, or supporter. In these challenging times, officers appreciate all of the support that they can get. Sporting an emblem and adopting a unique slogan can help officers know that they're not alone in the fight for justice.

Not to mention that it might create an excellent first impression for any cop who stops you on the highway. We're not saying that a cop who stops you will let you off free from a speeding ticket if they see a "back the blue" emblem on your license plate, but we are saying that first impressions are important. The highway patrol officer just might be willing to let you get off with a driving infraction if you get on their good side.

Immortalize Your Pet

If you have an awesome pet that the world just needs to know about, a custom plate featuring your pet's name, nickname, or personality trait might be the best option for you. Combine a pet plate emblem with some custom characters for maximum effect.

If you have a dog, you can get even more specific. We feature many different designs for different breeds of dogs and pink and white backgrounds to represent the gender of your pet. If you shop with us, you're guaranteed to let the world know exactly who your pet is.

Customize Your Plates

Custom license plates are one of the best ways you can express your individuality through your automobile. As you can see, you can let people know your taste in music, religion, sense of humor, patriotism, or all about your pets.

There are many ways to customize your license plates — but the best ideas will come from you. Brainstorm more ideas, and if you're ready to start customizing your license plate, request a quote from us today.

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