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How to Order a Military License Plate


License plates on vehicles act as a means of identification and acknowledgment in a state. License plates can also speak volumes about the person that owns the vehicle. There are two types of license plate. Standard license plates and specialty license plates. Custom military license plates add some very special distinction and privileges to the vehicle's owner. Military veteran plates show that the vehicle owner is a military veteran who has served their country. Depending on the state, getting a military license plate has a specific process for you to take on. Today, we will look at this process and see how you can sign up for one.

Why Should I Get a Military Veteran License Plate?

Military veterans showed their courage and their patriotism upon joining the military and took on active duty. They risked their lives by fighting under a just cause.

Every veteran has their own special way and story in which they served our country. These tend to depend on where they were stationed and which branch of the services they enlisted in. For instance, you have veterans who served on active duty as part of the Marines or Navy SEALs. You would also have others who served in the Air Force or the Army.

Each of them would have a fair share of battles during their time. Especially veterans that were stationed in conflict-heavy areas.

Knowing this, we should give back to veterans in any way we can. Giving back and veteran gratitude can be shown through simple gestures like thanking them for their service. Other methods include assisting veteran service organizations and getting involved in local programs that help veterans cope.

A military license plate serves as a means for one to show support. It also provides veterans a specialty plate to identify them. It also allows them to show their military service proudly.

Different Kinds of Military License Plates

Military license plates come in different variations and styles. These tend to vary by the station you served in or by state. For instance, getting Florida military license plates have specific requirements and fees.

The license plate that you can apply for can be any of these three categories. Each one would suit certain veterans that fit under the description as shown by these license plates.

Standard Veteran Plates

Standard veteran plates are one of the license plates you would commonly see. You will see them on vehicles belonging to veterans and current armed forces members. These plates have logos on them denoting the branch of service. In some cases, it has the symbol of a veterans service organization. These emblems or logos tend to stand beside the plate number. Proceeds for these plates go directly to fund Veteran Services. Veteran plates make for a great present to show our appreciation for veterans.

Special Veteran Plates

While similar to standard veteran plates, special veteran plates work great for those given with distinction. These are the types that apply to veterans awarded with Purple Hearts or Medals of Honor due to their exemplary service. You would see them as an emblem instead of the military branch logo. To qualify for this one, you need to take some extra steps — including additional documentation. These plates are designed to be more exclusive. There are many types of special veteran plates that you can get depending on your service record.

Disabled Veteran Plates

Out of the three, this stands out as one of the most difficult to obtain. The main reason for this is that it enables one to get special parking privileges. Veterans that became disabled during their service time can apply and qualify for this special license plate.

How Do I Get a Military License Plate?

Having military license plate frames on your vehicles is a great way to show appreciation to our veterans. There is a process involved in getting one, which will vary by state. Finding the correct type of license plate frame is essential. It is also important that it matches well with the military veterans' personality and the license plate that best represents you. The process for veteran license applications tends to be similar for all applicants. Here are the steps to prepare for when applying for your veteran license plates.

Check the Requirements for Your State

Each state has a set of requirements and regulations for military license plates. For example, Texas military license plates have requirements and guidelines for applying for a veteran license plate online.

You can get the necessary forms from the state and federal government websites. Make sure to check the motor vehicles department for your state. This way, you can see the needed documents you have to fill out and any other requirements you need.

Provide ID and Have Fees Ready

Within the application process, you would need to have an ID with you when visiting your local DMV. You will notice that there are fees that you need to pay based on which license plate you apply for. The costs change depending on the application state.

Make Sure to Have Other Documents Available

Along with the forms that you downloaded, make sure to have the other documents required. For instance, special veteran plates need a specific document to act as proof of eligibility. In this case, it is a DD214 or DD215 that shows the documentation of the award. If you received a Purple Heart or a similar award, this is something you would need.

Return Old License Plates

You would also need to hand over your old license plate. Standard military plates would have this as a required step. This step changes when it involves a Disabled Veteran due to the privileges it provides.

Apply For Your Military License Plate Today!

Whether on active duty or a veteran, having a military license plate distinguishes you from a regular citizen. It can help you with certain benefits, especially for disabled veterans.

Owning a military license plate frame will jive well with your license plate and let you proudly display your accomplishments. We offer custom plate frames and accessories to make your vehicle stand out. You can contact us today to know more about the availability of these custom items.

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