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9 Car Accessories You Need To Customize Your Ride


How much time do you spend in your car? If you believe the reports, the average person spends about ten hours per week in their vehicle, even in these post-pandemic days.

So, why not make it a really personalized mode of transportation? We customize our houses day in and day out. Why not bring some extra personality and flair to your vehicle.

Using our exterior highlights will help you send the right message to other drivers and vehicles. We also have some lovely interior delights that will completely change the way you ride. Let's look at a few cool car accessories that will make every ride more enjoyable.

Metal License Plate Frame

How about making a statement, even when you're stopped at a red light? A personalized frame for your license plate can say anything under the sun.

Send some well-wishes. Sprinkle a little sunshine without speaking a word. In our opinion, bright, gleaming chrome is the best way to catch someone's eye.

When people can't secure the vanity plate they really wanted, they can still get their message across with a smooth, sleek chrome frame.

Chrome Emblems

How about a chrome emblem to celebrate the favorite "person" or "thing" in your life? For many of us, our pets are a huge part of our life!

A nice, rounded chrome emblem with the outline of your bulldog, retriever, or cat can pay a nice homage to the joy they bring to your life.

Many emblems, like ours, come with a simple peel-and-stick application. This makes them tough enough to last through all the wind and rain but easy enough to remove should you ever want to trade in your homage to Fido for a tribute to Fefe. We can also set you up with boat letters whenever you take the plunge and purchase a new summer mode of transportation.

Wheel Desk

This one is new for us but, it's one of our favorite car gadgets. If you're a remote worker who still loves to travel, a wheeled desk is like the perfect offspring of a traditional lap desk and a car tray.

It looks like a lap desk; it nudges in under the steering wheel and allows you to push the seat back, pop open your laptop, or layout your lunch.

We love these because, as we travel around the country, we can stop anywhere, tend to some business with (hopefully) a great view, and then carry on in our travels. It's prevented a lot of spills, too.

Decorative License Plate

Let's get back to the exterior. We have your rear car customization covered with a license plate frame and an emblem of Fido. But, what about the front?

If you live in a state that doesn't require front plates, don't leave the people stopped at the light in front of you in the lurch! Give them something to feast their eyes on, too.

With our decorative plates, you can choose from a number of designs. Flags, military seals and emblems, or even Batman's logo.

We're big fans of chrome finishes because it creates such a clean look for decorative plates. You can honestly go in any direction with this plate customization with our colored options and accessories.

Wet/Dry Vac

Have you ever seen a tiny 2.5-gallon wet vac? They happen to be charming and kind of funny-looking. But, they're also practical for anyone who likes to keep a clean car.

Many of them also convert into a blower to take care of the lingering dirt and dust the vacuum won't pick up. You can store a mini-vac neatly behind the driver or passenger seat and pull them out whenever chaos strikes.

Folding Trunk Organizer

This is another option for your tiny little wet vac. If you purchase a folding trunk organizer, then you can neatly store all kinds of gizmos and gadgets.

We like to use these when we go grocery shopping so the milk and eggs stay nice and safe on the ride home from the grocery store. However, people also use these to store extra cords, cables, windshield washer fluid, jumper cables, etc.

Hitch Cover

Let's end with one more elegant piece of chrome. If you have a hitch on your vehicle, why not cover it up when it's not in use? There's no sense letting it appear rusty or - worse - let a creepy crawler decide to nestle in for the night.

Place a Tweety bird hitch cover on there for anybody pulling up behind you. Or, let everyone know you're still Super Woman. Proudly display a flag, or design your own. It's a nice bit of car customization for any vehicle that does its fair share of hauling.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Yes, we're still talking about your car. People sacrifice one cup holder to a small diffuser that plugs into the cigarette lighter through a USB cord.

Then, with a small dash of water and a couple drops of calming lavender oil (or whatever you prefer), you're well on your way to a smooth, calm, and relaxing commute into work.

We actually keep one air freshener hanging at all times. But, in between restocks, we'd love to turn on a lavender diffuser. The scent lingers for a more extended time. There are also many touted medical benefits of specific essential oils for health and wellness.

The Best Car Accessories for You

And there you have it! These are the best car accessories to help your vehicle smell fresh, stay organized, and send a few subliminal messages to all your friends out there on the road.

When you're ready to add a chrome-plated frame, emblem, or hitch cover, we hope you'll come on over and shop with us.

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