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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Vehicle Emblems


Have you ever wondered how to add or remove vehicle emblems and lettering on your car? It's actually a simple process that you can do yourself with just a bit of guidance.

Vehicle emblems are almost always applied by dealerships or automakers. The emblems, or badges, show off specific branding and personalization.

Car enthusiasts around the world recognize emblems for quality and historical value. They especially value limited-edition cars and instantly recognize the brands that manufacture them.
If you don't like having an emblem on your car or want to add one of your choosing, you're not alone. Here's all you need to know about removing or adding emblems to your vehicles.

1. Get Your Tools Together

The benefit of vehicle emblems is the fact that they show off how much pride and time you've invested in your set of wheels. If modesty is more your style, you can permanently remove them from your vehicle as well.

The first step for car emblem removal is to gather the tools you'll need for the job. Most people prefer to use adhesive removers because they loosen the glue and help keep the car's paint intact.

You could use a scraping tool, but that's a bit risky. All you want to do is take off the emblem, NOT the paint. Some people like to use a hairdryer or heat gun, which is okay as long as you don't scorch the car's paint.

Next, you'll want a long piece of thin string. Craft bead string made of plastic and dental floss are both excellent choices.

If you're planning to add a new emblem after removing the current one, you'll need to buy emblem adhesive at your local auto store. If you're thinking glue will be too messy, you could opt for double-sided tape. Just be sure it's strong enough to hold up under rain and other inclement weather.

A flexible ruler and bubble level will help you apply a new emblem exactly level so that it is guaranteed to look good. Using masking tape or a dry-erase marker will help you further visualize the placement spot.

Lastly, keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer handy. It will help remove any glue and wax residue around the area where you're working.

2. Loosen the Old Emblem Adhesive

So, now that you've got all your tools together, here's how to take off a vehicle emblem. Start working on removing the old adhesive. Use the adhesive removing solution or apply heat until you can wiggle the emblem up and down a little. Keep working on it until you can get something behind the emblem to pry it loose.

3. Pry the Old Emblem Loose

Once you reach this stage, slide the dental floss or plastic beading cable under the emblem's edge. Work it back and forth in a sawing motion all the way behind the emblem until it comes loose.

If you run into a jam, apply more adhesive remover or use the hairdryer to help the process.

There are many different types of vehicle emblems, but this technique tends to work for all of them. The hardest part is getting started, but once you get behind the emblem and start sawing with the floss or beading cable, it gets a lot easier.

4. Clean the Area to Install the New Emblem

Now that you've removed the old emblem, it's time to prep the spot where you want to place the new one. If you don't plan to replace the old emblem, this will be your last step.

The best cleaning agents for car surfaces keep the paint intact and remove all grime, wax, and adhesive residue. Because it evaporates, alcohol is a favorite for spot cleaning. You can also use special adhesive removers that were developed specifically for vehicle care.

5. Outline Where You Want to Put the New Emblem

Now that the emblem and adhesive are gone, it's time to prep the area for a new emblem.

Vehicle emblem placement is the most technical part of the whole process, but if you have the right tools, it's not difficult. Here's how to install a vehicle emblem on your car.

First, take a flexible ruler and measure where you want your emblem to go. Start from the edge of the trunk or another physical feature.

Sometimes people eyeball it, but this can lead to emblems being slightly "off," which doesn't look great. If you measure for exact placement, you'll be rewarded for your precision.

Once you have the spot identified, mark it with masking tape or a dry-erase marker. These guides will help you hold the emblem in the right area until the adhesive dries.

6. Apply the New Emblem

To apply the new emblem, you need to use an adhesive glue or double-sided tape to "peel and stick" it on your car. Some emblem manufacturers provide a peel-off adhesive backing, so you don't need to add your own tape.

Use your masking tape and dry-erase markers to guide you. If you use emblem adhesive, you'll need to hold the emblem in the right spot until it bonds with the car surface. This is an essential step because if you have a shaky hand or let the emblem slip a little, it won't look right.

7. Clean Up

The final step in the process is cleaning up all traces of your work. Use your adhesive remover to wipe excess glue from the edges of the emblem. Finish with some alcohol applied around the area and a small amount of wax to restore the paint sheen.

That's it! You've now installed your new car emblem!

Installing Your Own Vehicle Emblems Is a Great DIY Project

So there you have it- that's how to install vehicle emblems on your own! It's a very satisfying project and will save you a couple of hundred bucks in labor costs. If you want to make some extra money, you could even offer to provide this service to others and start a side gig.

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