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Everything You Need to Know About Collegiate Products


College is one of the defining experiences of our lives, and even long after you graduate, you may feel some loyalty and affection for your school. Wearing a class ring or a school t-shirt is all fine and good, but what do you do if you want to show off your school pride every day? Decking out your car with collegiate products can be a great way to tell the world that you went to the best school on the planet.

There are several good reasons to display collegiate products and a few great ways to do it. Read on to discover how and why you should show off your college pride with some swag for your car.

Support Your School

There are several great reasons to display officially licensed collegiate products, one of which is to support your school. For one thing, you may want to show off your school pride, especially if they have a team that's doing exceptionally well. Showing off collegiate merch can also help to bring more revenue to your college.

When people around you see your collegiate products, it helps build a positive reputation for the school. As you excel in your personal and professional lives, the people who know you went to that school will start to associate positive things with it. When it comes time for their friends or children to apply to college, they may be more likely to encourage them to go to your school.

Connect with Fellow Alumni

Showing off your collegiate licensed products can also help you to make connections in your day-to-day life. When a fellow alum sees your collegiate products, they automatically have a connection with you. They may give you a wave in traffic, mention a recent athletic victory at the grocery store, or smile as they pass you on the street.

These small interactions may seem silly or insignificant. Still, they can actually do a lot to improve your overall happiness and life satisfaction. Studies have shown that because we are such social creatures, the more connections we form with others, the better we are. From a more pragmatic standpoint, these connections may help you achieve personal or professional goals if leveraged correctly.

Show Your Parental Pride

Maybe the college you're repping isn't a school you went to, but the college your child is attending. Showing off that parental pride can be a wonderful thing, both for yourself and for your child. You get an excuse to brag on your student and all the wonderful things they're doing in their education.

More importantly, your support may give your child the motivation they need to do their best in school. College is challenging mentally and emotionally, and your child may have times when they feel like they can't do it. Knowing you support them and are proud of them can help them find the strength they need to push through the hard days and do what they need to.

License Plate Frames

One of the most popular ways to display your college pride is with a license plate frame. These can go on the front or back of your car and show off your school spirit anywhere you go. You install them once and never have to worry about them again until you change out your license tag.

The most straightforward collegiate license plates say the name of your school at the bottom and the mascot in smaller letters at the top. You can also get the word "Alumni" at the top or nothing at all except the school's name on the bottom. Of course, these come branded with your school colors, and you can often choose between a black and silver frame.

Hitch Covers

If you have a trailer hitch receiver on your vehicle, you can use it as another spot to display your school pride. When you don't actually have a hitch in it, you can use a trailer hitch cover that's branded with your school logo. Not only will this keep your hitch from rusting into your receiver, but it also shows off your college pride.

You can get hitch covers in various colors and styles, ranging from black or silver backgrounds to a background with your school color. Most simply carry your school logo, though some can include phrases or other imagery. You can also get them in different finishes. You can choose a silver background, with chrome and brushed being two very popular options.


If you want to go for something a little more subtle, you may want to opt for an emblem to add to your car. These decorations are usually chrome, though they can come in your school colors. They're about three inches tall and are designed to stick on the back of your car, usually near the make or model name.

Most collegiate emblems use images of your school's mascot or logo, though they can also be made to look like a model name. These might proclaim your vehicle to be a special school-specific edition of the model. You can even get emblems that say "Mom," "Dad," or "Alumni" to be used in conjunction with another emblem to proclaim your relation to the school.


Last but not least, a great way to declare your car a proud fan zone is with a decal. Decals are stickers designed to go on your car's windshield (or in any other window you like). They're usually shiny and may even be three-dimensional, adding a pop of color and glam to your car.

Decals usually show the logo or mascot of your school, and they can go great with some of the emblems we've discussed. They can also bring a little school spirit to your home, office, or even dorm room!

Discover the Best Collegiate Products

Showing off collegiate products can support your school, help you make connections with fellow alumni, and boost your student relationships. License plate frames are an excellent option for showing college spirit, as are hitch covers. Dont hesitate to grab an emblem or decal to add to the back of your car so you can always ride with your team.

If you'd like to discover the best collegiate products around, check out the rest of our site at Elektroplate. We have everything from college merch to military insignia and more. Shop our collegiate products today and bring a little more college pride into your life.

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