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5 Ways to Rep Your NCAA Team on Your Vehicle


When it comes to supporting your favorite NCAA team, not everyone can make it to the game. Unless you have season tickets, cheering on LSU or screaming ROLL TIDE in person is more of a special event than a regular occurrence.

Of course, you can always watch the game on TV or listen to the radio. However, if you're looking for a more consistent way to show your support, you can decorate your vehicle with your favorite team swag.

One of the best ways to express your team spirit is to decorate your car with customized NCAA gear. That way, everywhere you go, you're cheering your team on and showing support.

Want to know some of the different ways you can represent your team on your vehicle? Read on to learn the 5 best and most unique ways to show your team pride.

Why You Should Personalize Your Car

There are actually more benefits to personalizing your car beyond supporting your favorite NCAA team. Let's talk about how you can embrace your individuality while still being part of a community.

Self Expression

There are a lot of psychological benefits to embracing self-expression. Some people dye their hair or get tattoos, while others write poems or paint to express their art.

Personalizing your car is a great way to express who you are everywhere you go. It'll help you share yourself with others in a way that shows your personality and collegiate pride.

Share Your Values

Vehicle customization is also beneficial for showing others what you care about. If you feel passionate about the Duke versus Michigan rivalry, you can showcase your pride and style while driving around town.

Your vehicle customizations can extend past the NCAA, with plenty of other options for your self-expression and custom messaging with our other products!

Build a Collective Team Morale

When you rep your favorite NCAA team on your car, you build a sense of community morale with other team fans. It feels good to contribute to your team's energy as a dedicated sports fan to hype your team up.

It's the same thing as wearing your favorite player's jersey on game day. The difference is, you're building morale all the time, everywhere you drive.

5 Ways to Rep Your NCAA Team

There are several ways you can rep your NCAA teams on your vehicle. Here are the five best ways to express your team spirit.

  • Chrome Auto Emblems

A chrome auto emblem gives you the option to get your sports logo made in all metal with a shiny chrome finish. Applying our chrome emblems on your car using our paint-safe adhesive backing allows for an easy and trustworthy experience. Our high-quality chrome emblems can withstand long periods of repping your favorite team on your vehicle without having degradation.

There are several great things you can expect when choosing chrome emblems to rep your NCAA team:

  • It won't be affected by weather or car washes
  • It won't damage your car's paint
  • Simple application
  • It will project your school and team spirit

These are four reasons why a chrome auto emblem is one of the top 5 ways to rep your NCAA team.

  • Metal Hitch Covers

Metal hitch covers are another durable way to rep your favorite team on your car. In some instances, these can also include a chrome auto emblem on the metal hitch cover. Most of these are made to fit standard 2" hitches.

Unlike cheaper hitch covers, a metal one is meant to look brand new for years to come. This is a great way to rep your NCAA team because it functions like a bumper sticker, but it's easy to take off if you desire.

  • License Plate Frames

License plate frames are a fun way to make your sports fan car stand out. This option is slightly louder and more prominent than the chrome auto emblem and the metal hitch cover. It'll emphasize your love for your collegiate team around your license plate.

The best license plate frames are made from all metal so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Like the metal hitch cover, this option allows for easy application and removal.

  • Decorative License Plates

Usually the phrase is: business in the front, party in the back. But with a decorative license plate that reps your favorite NCAA sports team, you can go ahead and switch that phrase around.

A decorative license plate is a great way to show team pride by sprucing up the front of your car. It'll last a long time with its heavy-duty metal finish.

  • Specialty Decals

There's nothing quite like the tried and true application of specialty decals when it comes to vehicle customization. Our best collegiate specialty decals will have a 3D doming feature that helps project them off your car so everyone can see them better.

Specialty decals are great because they look good on your vehicle. However they look gret on other items and can also be placed on:

  • Laptops
  • Mailboxes
  • Water bottles
  • Strollers

And so many more surfaces. Specialty decals are a classic way to build your custom NCAA or any other style on your vehicle or in your home.

Request Customization

So we have shown you some really cool ways to rep your NCAA team on your vehicle. We have an even more advanced method that can make your personalizations even better. Our leading class company offers all of the base options, but we also give you the ability to request customization.

Let's say you're a die-hard Notre Dame fan. You want a unique decorative license plate frame that says: #1 Fan with the Notre Dame logo. We can make this happen for you today!

Choose Elektroplate for Your #1 Fan Needs

So, are you ready to prove you're a #1 fan? Elektroplate's got you covered. We offer:

  • Chrome auto emblems
  • Metal hitch covers
  • License plate frames
  • Decorative license plates
  • Specialty decals

You can also request customization from us directly on our website!

We specialize in providing superior product quality for all of our clients and their favorite team logos. All of our collegiate products are officially licensed, and we offer free shipping on all orders over $25.

Contact us today to start repping your favorite NCAA team!

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