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Kick Off Your School Fundraising Campaign with Elektroplate!


Are you looking for a fundraising opportunity that stands out from the rest? If so, our Elektroplate custom auto accessories are your answer! As a top fundraising item among high school organizations throughout the country our chrome emblems, license plate frames, and specialty decals are the perfect way to promote school spirit everywhere your teachers, students, parents, and coaches drive!

Choose from three great options:

1. Auto Emblems

Elektroplate’s auto emblems have caught on nationwide as the classy alternative to bumper stickers, and are a top fundraising item for organizations throughout the country. In addition to raising money, this program promotes pride as your high school’s logo becomes a mobile spirit.

We offer two processes for auto emblems - Hot Stamp & Chrome Plated

What is the difference between the two processes? Both processes look the same (the Chrome-plated Process is slightly more shiny). The Chrome-plated Process is more durable and its shiny chrome finish comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Hot Stamp Process will last 2 years before losing its shine, but is a great option for organizations with a tighter budget as it is less expensive. The Hot Stamp Process also has a quicker turn-around time for organizations in a time crunch.

Both options are a high quailty custom molded auto emblem that attach via paint-safe automotive foam tape, which can be safely removed when desired.

2. License Plate Frames

Elektroplate’s elegant line of METAL license plate frames are crafted with a bright chrome-plated finish with customized and UV protected full color graphics. With great profit margins, striking design features, and quick lead times, it is no wonder why hundreds of organizations throughout the country utilize Elektroplate’s license plate frames as an effective fundraising item!

Choose your favorite stock METAL license plate frame design and then customize your own graphic inserts.

Check out some inspiration here!

3. Specialty Decals

Our line of specialty decals is a step above in quality, durability, and appearance over standard decals and bumper stickers. With low price points, quick lead times, and unique design options, they are a proven fundraising item for every size school.

Proudly Made in the USA.


1. Decide which of the three Elektroplate fundraising item(s) you wish to utilize and desired quantity
2. Submit your logo to or upload HERE
3. A Sales Order will be provided to you stating the exact costs and details of the items selected for the fundraiser which will need to be signed and faxed or emailed back to our office
4. An official art proof will be supplied for your approval (edits can be made as suggested)
5. 40% prepayment required to start production after the art proofs are approved
6. Production for each item follows the lead times detailed in this catalog
7. Remaining 60% of payment is due when the product ships to your desired location

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