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5 Unique Ways to Include Space Jam 2 in Your Vehicle's Decor


When Space Jam hit the scene in 1996, it shocked the world. Kids everywhere fell in love with it. Never before had they seen their favorite cartoon icons align with such a famous sports star. It hit the unique niche that was the pop culture of the '90s, and many people remember it fondly.

So it's no wonder that the announcement of Space Jam 2 is driving the new generation wild. It is not just kids freaking out. Many adults are also excited about the release of this new movie, remembering just how fun they had with it when they were young.

If you're a certified 90's kid who absolutely loved this movie, we don't need to tell you just how exciting this news is. So how can you show off your love of the space jam enterprise and show the world just how much Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan, and his spiritual successor Lebron James mean to you?

One easy way is to show tour excitement with our custom car decor.

Vehicle customization is one of the best ways to show off your love of a particular piece of culture. This article will walk you through five unique ways to work Space Jam 2 into your vehicle's decor.

A Custom Auto Emblem

One of the best ways to show your love and your pride in the Space Jam franchise is with a Lebron James auto emblem. The emblem features Lebron in vibrant, purple colors, wearing his sure-to-be iconic "Tune Squad" shirt, and dribbling a basketball. This is a solid investment because even after the hype for Space Jam dies down, you can still show your love for a great sports star.

This auto emblem is made out of chrome, so you can be assured that it will stay on your vehicle for as long as you wish. It can easily take the place of your car's brand emblem. Good emblem placement on your car assures that the world will certainly be seeing your Space Jam emblem.

If you'd prefer to emphasize your loyalty to the Looney Tunes brand rather than Lebron James, consider buying one of our many Looney Tunes emblems, like this one of the iconic Roadrunner characters. This emblem is sure to make people smile and remind them of their youths; even if you're not from the nineties, you probably know and love the roadrunner. All of our products are guaranteed to not cause damage to your paint job or come off your vehicle in extreme weather.

An Air Freshener

Usually, air fresheners are a product of buying a new car or getting some service done. But did you know that you can buy air fresheners online?

Check out our Lola Bunny Air Freshener, guaranteed to brighten up the smell of your car, as well as its aesthetic look.

Besides Buggs and Michael Jordon — Lola is perhaps the most remembered character from the original Space Jam movie. The love interest for Buggs Bunny is sure to be one of the most recognized parts of the new film. However, some people have noted on the internet that Lola bunny's unique look has changed drastically, so it could be a great talking piece for your car.

If you want to celebrate the fun and glory of the original look of the Lola bunny, the best place to do it is right here on Elektroplate. Your purchase will not only freshen up your car but will show solidarity with the original fanbase.

If you'd rather not participate in any of the controversies, that's alright too. You can pick up one of our many other air fresheners, like this bugs bunny one.


Decals are one of the most popular ways that people showcase their love on their cars. Why not show off your love for Space Jame 2 with our Space Jam decal pack?

This decal pack has it all, featuring all of our favorite Looney Tunes characters on the tune squad, as well as Lebron James. If you want to get the whole team together, there's no better option than this decal pack.

But as always, with our site, we have more options. If you'd prefer to stick with NBA merch, you can go for our decal of Lebron James dunking or a similar one of him dribbling. The decal is UV protected, extremely visible, and guaranteed manufactured in the United States of America.

License Plate Frames

If you're looking to get a Space Jam 2 themed custom license plate, why not follow it up with a unique license plate frame? We have many options for Looney Tunes license plate frames, like this one of Tweety Bird and Sylvester.

This one's absolutely adorable, featuring a chase between the iconic cat and bird and close-ups of tweety, most likely about to make one of his famous sarcastic remarks. Above the license plate reads the words "Bad 'Ol Putty Tat" which reflects Tweety's poor grammar and shows the world that you don't take yourself too seriously.

We also have options for license plate frames that feature Marvin the Martian, Speedy Gonzales, The Roadrunner, and several other Space Jam cast members.

Hitch Covers

Hitch covers are a very solid way to show your loyalty off. Our Tweety Bird Brushed Metal Hitch Cover is far more durable than most similar models you'll find used by competitors. It comes in various colors, and you can get a hitch cover that has a different looney tune of your choice.

If you love the Looney Tunes with all your heart, why not lock that love into metal, and show the world just how much they mean to you?

Show Your Loyalty to Space Jam 2

Space Jam rocked the world over twenty-five years ago when it came to the box office. Space Jam 2 is sure to do the same. If you want to capture some of your childhood glory, buy yourself some Space Jam 2 merchandise.

Unique customizations for your vehicle are one of the best ways to show just how much you love your vehicle and Space Jam products.

For more information, get a quote with us today.

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