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How to Style Your Vehicle With Hitch Covers


If you're an American that loves your pickup truck, you're far from alone. In fact, 82% of pickup owners would rather give up the entire Netflix streaming service than their beloved vehicle. Pretty interesting but unsurprising when you consider how versatile and practical these automobiles are. As someone who wants to protect your ride, truck hitch covers are a necessity. Here, we will talk about what these covers are and take a look at their many benefits. Read on for some ideas on how to protect your vehicle and keep it looking awesome!

What Are Truck Hitch Covers?

If you have a truck that's capable of pulling cargo, you'll already know the hitch as the ball mount that pulls a trailer along. This equipment is necessary for those who want to haul a trailer or a boat to another location, but it isn't ideal for days that you're simply out and about. After all, ball mounts are visually unappealing when unused.

Hitch covers are what you need after the ball mount and ball are taken out of the receiver tube. They feature images and logos while plugging up the hole that the removed mount left behind. Since hitch covers are removable, they can be put away again the next time you need to pull something behind your truck.

The Benefits of Vehicle Hitch Covers

There are two core benefits to using hitch covers: aesthetics and practicality. First, having a hitch cover will make your truck far more visually appealing. Having a ball and mount isn't ideal because you can trip over it or bash it into things. It also is ugly when unused, and it's no more attractive to simply have an empty slot on the back of your vehicle.

Filling this empty space with a hitch cover stops it from being an eyesore and shows the world that you care about not looking sloppy. It also is awesome because you can feature any image from a favorite sports team to a Marvel emblem. This makes your hitch cover a form of self-expression. However, the practical use of a hitch cover is even more critical than its good looks. If you drive around with an empty opening in the back of your truck, you're inviting weather damage and water into it. Other hazards like mud, dirt, trash, and road grime are also likely to find their way into the opening. Because all of these hazards can cause corrosion and rust, it's best to purchase a hitch cover and slow down the wear and tear of daily driving.

Types of Hitch Covers

Before selecting a hitch cover design, you must know what size you're looking for. After all, if you don't know the size of your vehicle's receiver tube, you might accidentally select a cover that doesn't fit. That's a waste of both time and money, so taking precise measurements is essential.

Most passenger vehicles in the US have either a 1.25-inch opening or a 2-inch opening. Here at Elektroplate we cover the most common hitch cover style, which fits a 2" trailer hitch receiver via a hitch pin. If your hitch cover does not fit perfectly, you may return for a full refund. You should check the buyer's manual of your car to get this information. Still, it's generally best just to measure it across any single side of the square (never measure diagonally- it won't be accurate).

Once you know the size of hitch cover you need, you have another choice to make: interference versus hitch-pin fit. Generally, the latter is a better choice because you can get more different designs that express your tastes.

The Top Designs for Truck Owners

To choose a design for your hitch cover, you'll need to consider the image that you want to project to the world. We offer several varieties of American flags. Some come in red, white, and blue, but you can also get black-and-white options for a more monochromatic look.

If you want to showcase support for the police or military, you can also choose to get a blue-stripe flag. These are excellent choices for those individuals who want to show that they're proud to be an American. Red-stripe black flags are also great for supporting firefighters and first responders.

Military veterans or those in the marines can also get hitches with the embossed emblems of these organizations. They're a great way to show that you or a loved one serves your country proudly.

If you prefer to remain publicly apolitical for professional reasons, there are still tons of options available to you. Metal hitches with skull imagery are really boss, as are those with Marvel or DC superhero logos and symbols. Hitch covers like these are a great way to strike up a conversation with those with similar interests to yours.

College mascots and sports logos are ideal if you want to showcase your love for a specific region or location. They're a great way to express pride in where you come from and the teams you supported there.

Protect Your Pickup Truck Today

While there are many accessories that any pickup truck owner needs to invest in, truck hitch covers are one of the most important.

Now that you know why you need a hitch cover, check out the many styles Elektroplate offers and make your selection. Get your order in today and start protecting your vehicle's hitch.

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