Custom Metal License Plate Frame


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$2.50 per character

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Custom Metal License Plate Frame


Design your own high-end metal license plate frame!  

  • Use the interactive feature to type in your own custom text (You can use upper case and lower case for two different sizes of letters)
  • Choose between 5 colors of the base license plate frame, all of which are METAL
  • Also choose between 5 colors of letters/numbers/symbols, all of which contain 3D contours and are guaranteed to last in harsh outdoor environments
  • Price is $10 for the base frame plus $2.50 per character;  NO MINIMUMS!

Please note this frame style is made to work with all state license plates in which the registration tags are located on the top corners (or if no tags are required), and is not designed to work with those states that require the registration tags on the bottom corners.

No Refunds for customized parts.

Spacing of the letters will be more accurate on the actual product (might look slightly off on the interactive feature).  For any questions, or to order by phone, please call customer service at 214-363-3170

Lowercase: Height 0.79" Average Width 0.80"
Uppercase: Height 1.02" Average Width 0.80"
Style: Italic with sleek 3D countours

Available Symbols:

  • For period, type .
  • For dash, type –
  • For inch, type "
  • For heart, type *
  • For hash/pound, type #