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7 of the Coolest Chrome Car Emblems From Elektroplate


If you are into the auto world, then you're probably looking for ways to spice up your car or truck game. For those who are super committed to decking out their ride, they could spend nearly the same as a new car or truck would cost. However, not every modification has to break the bank.

One way to amp up your vehicle's exterior is installing chrome auto emblems. These easily assessable products can allow you to put a bit of your personality and interests into your car. Read on to find the best chrome car emblems from Elektroplate.

American Flag

With the Standard American Flag Chrome Emblem, you can show off your patriotism everywhere you drive. This shiny all-metal (never plastic) accessory measures 3.82" x 2.5" x .125."
The flag insert is covered by a 1/8" thick PVC lamination made to withstand those harsh outdoor conditions. You won't have to worry about ruining your paint job either. When you purchase chrome emblems from Elekroplate, you'll find they attach via paint-safe 3M foam adhesive.
This particular emblem comes in two other sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Plus, there are plenty of other flag options to explore, including variations of the American flag.

Army Camo Star

Are you a veteran, active-duty military member, or proud supporter of the United States military? It's time to show off how proud you are with our many military-related chrome auto emblems.

The Army Camo Star chrome emblem is perfect for showing your love for the biggest branch of the US armed forces.

It's an officially licensed, all-metal emblem with a 3.25" diameter. It meets the same quality standards as the previously mentioned product, making it paint-safe and UV-protected.

If you prefer to show your support to another branch, there are a wide array of emblems to choose from.

Metalhead Skull

You'll find it easy to showcase your style with the Skull chrome emblem from our metalhead collection. This shiny black and chrome emblem measures 2.65" x 3.40." It's an excellent option for those who don't always feel inclined to play by rules or want to show off a bit of their edgy side. In our metalhead collection, you'll also find our accessories featuring the Grim Reaper and black or chrome lightning spider.

No matter which you choose, your car will get a boost of cool flare. These are spectacular additions to blacked-out vehicles to give a little pop and shine.


Looney Tunes have long been a popular accessory for auto lovers. One of our favorite characters, Tazmanian Devil, is the ultimate representation of high speed. For those who love a fast car, this guy will spice up your ride.

The Taz chrome emblem measures 3.75" x 2.5" and won't be affected by extreme weather or car washes.

Elektroplate also offers characters including Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, LeBron James, and more. This iconic show has a lineup of many characters who are sure to make a stylish addition to your vehicle.

University of Texas

The University of Texas is known to harbor a pretty intense fanbase. As a Longhorns fan, you can show your support of your school with the University of Texas Longhorn chrome emblem.

Measuring 4" x 2," your car emblem will be a great representation of your school pride or support of your favorite team. This emblem even comes in that eye-catching Texas orange.

Are you interested in showing support for another collegiate team? We have other products that match your preferences, such as NC State, University of Alabama, Virginia Tech, and many more.

Batman Bat Symbol

With the release of the new Batman movie, there are sure to be plenty of fans who are excited to show their love for the franchise. You know you are getting quality from the officially licensed classic Batman Bat symbol.

Unlike the previously mentioned chrome emblems online, it is manufactured in our OEM process and measures 4.25" x 2" x .125".

It has an ABS plastic core and a triplate chrome-plated metal finish that makes it super shiny. It's still super easy to apply with a 3M foam adhesive.

This shiny chrome is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your vehicle and comes in a variety of other options featuring Batman. You'll also find other characters, including Harley Quinn, the Joker, Batgirl, and Robin.

Superman Solid Symbol

Prefer another popular DC Comics character? We've got you covered when it comes to Superman as well. This Superman chrome emblem is sure to give you that extra shine.

It is manufactured in our OEM process, similar to the Batman emblem. It has an ABS plastic core and a triple chrome-plated metal finish that makes it super shiny.

Variations of the Superman collection include full-figure Superman, colors, Wonder Woman, and Batman vs. Superman. In addition to various Superman emblems, we have many different characters from DC and Marvel Comics. There is something for everyone!

Coolest Elekroplate Chrome Car Emblems

Anyone who loves making their vehicle look amazing can benefit from the low-price, easy-to-install, quality, and style of chrome emblems.

Chrome car emblems are the perfect way to add a bit of your personality to the design of your car or truck. These Elekroplate emblems are sure to give your car that cool factor.

Looking for more accessories for your vehicle? Elekroplate has all sorts of products to deck your car out and even personalize your items. Be sure to check out our other great products!


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